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I want to start an SEO?campaign?for my website today! How do you work and what is the procedure?

After you have read the proposal, please contact me at info@www.so-gesehen.com?or +1 (647) 495-9656?and let me know if you have any questions or require any revisions/keywords changes/price adjustments. If you agree to the price and our services proposed, you will need to provide us with your full name, billing address and contact information for our billing department to send you an invoice. You can pay the invoice with your PayPal account or with any major credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diner’s Club and others). Once the invoice is paid, we will create your profile and start generation of content for submissions that we will start after 1-2 weeks of your confirmed payment. Backlinks and ranking reports area provided monthly and also can be available at request.

How long do I need to use SEO services? Can I stop paying or get a discount after I rank top 10?

You only need to use our SEO services for as long as you want to stay on the first page of Google. Once we rank your website top 10, it will become harder and harder to improve ranking further as all your competitors run their own SEO campaigns and we will need to keep the same volume of submissions all the time to be able to outrank them. For this reason, the SEO campaign cannot be discounted or stopped if you want to keep the momentum going. But the idea of SEO is once you are on the top 3 you can receive enough requests that they will easily cover the price of an ongoing SEO campaign.


Will your packages work for our e-commerce/real estate/restaurant/roofing website?

Absolutely! Our local SEO service is a perfect fit for any type of business, keywords, geographical area, and type of optimization (global/local). Moreover, we know exactly what SEO work needs to be done to rank your website on the first page of Google! Our?company has worked on a variety of?projects starting from local flower shops, to eCommerce?websites (worldwide), we have all the needed experience to rank your website.


Another SEO company has packages with a larger amount of links. Is it something special about your backlinks?

In the post Google?Penguin?and Panda era, more attention needs to be given to the quality of links rather than?the quantity. One link to your site?coming?from a quality article on a reputable site that we post your link to could improve?your?ranking better than 1000 low-quality links?coming?from unknown or bad?neighborhoods. We use only?links?and domains that proved?their?effectiveness?in?improving?our client’s rank. Our policy is to offer performance-based services that will improve your ranking, not just selling you on a number of backlinks or hours of work like other companies do.

I’m new to SEO and?don’t?know how does it work and just want traffic/visitors/leads/help with keywords/advice.

We can help with that too! We can explain and advise on how SEO can help your business to gain new prospects, estimate traffic improvements and calls. We are a full-cycle SEO?company?and we can help you with all your digital marketing needs (SEO, PPC, Google Maps, SEO web design and?maintenance). We offer free consultation, full SEO analysis, on-site optimization and advice, and suggestions for the right keywords to all our clients. Our team will be glad to answers all your questions. Mail to? info@www.so-gesehen.com or +1?(647) 495-9656


There are so many SEO companies offering almost the same packages and services. How are you different?

Our policy is to be honest and transparent to our?potential?and?existing?clients right from the start. Our goal is not just to sell you a number of backlinks, but to optimize related?keywords?with a good?amount?of search?traffic?and improve your ranking from being outside of top 100 to top 10 (first page) of Google. Other companies will only mention “recommended?period – 6 month”, “12 years in business”, “we helped thousands of companies”, “improve your ranking”, “get tons of traffic”, “be on top/front of Google” but will all that actually help your website reach the first page of Google?

90% of our clients keywords rank top 10 within 3-5 months, some low?completive?keywords rank first page of Google even faster – within 1-2 months! We give a personal?analysis?and advice to every client and closely monitor their SEO?campaigns because?your?success?is our?success!


Can you rank my website top 10 faster (1-2 months) if we increase the budget?

Due to recent Google algorithm updates, the minimum safeties period of time to rank your website from top 100 to top 10 is 3-4 months. If we increase the number of submissions it might get Google’s attention (not the good kind either!) and your website can be tagged by Google’s penalty filters that will send your website to the 20th page of search results and you will lose all the exposure you’ve built. If you need immediate results, we can help to set up a Google Ad words Pay-Per-Click campaign and you can start getting paid traffic from Google the same day. But unlike the organic SEO, PPC can be very expensive.

How long does it take to start seeing results in your SEO services?

Every website will have different ranking improvements. If the keywords you are trying to rank for are very popular and competitive (eg. real estate, lawyers, legal, ecommerce etc), the results will take longer. Some clients have even seen first page rankings within the first 30 days (for low competitive keywords). Also if your website has been penalized by Google (please notify us prior to using our services) it might take additional time to recover (estimated 2-3 months).? In general, our client’s ranking improvements often look like this:

Keyword Ranking after 1st month Ranking after 2nd month Ranking after 3rd month Ranking after 4th month
keyword1 Not in top 100 Not in top 100 42 9
keyword2 Not in top 100 65 21 5
keyword3 Not in top 100 Not in top 100 63 10
keyword4 Not in top 100 89 55 4
keyword5 Not in top 100 Not in top 100 12 3

We will give you an estimate based on our experience within the first two months after the start you SEO?campaign?after we see how Google reacts to your site and our optimization, but it is never an exact number due to the nature of search algorithms.

Can you get me rank top 1/top 3/top 5 ?

Absolutely! After your website ranks top 10 for selected keywords,?within the next 1-3 months it will?continue?to improve its ranking?until?it hits the top 1-5 spot.?The timeline?will also depend on your website performance, Google?authority?rank, and other factors and can be predicted more?accurately?after 2-3 months from the start of SEO packages?subscription.

Will you optimize my website for Bing! and Yahoo as well?

Yes! Our work will take effect in all search engines like Google, Bing! and Yahoo. Note that Bing and Yahoo is normally much slower than Google in terms of crawling changes, backlinks and improve your ranking. For some websites, it can take an additional 2-5 months to see results in Bing.

My website has been previously (or currently) penalized/blacklisted/deindexed by Google. Can you help in this matter?

Yes! Our team has?experience in?recovering websites from?different?sorts of penalties like?duplicate?content, viruses, poor navigation, poor meta tag setup,?aggressive?and harmful backlinks (off-site) campaign and other issues. Before making a payment, it is mandatory to let us know if your website has been previously panelized by Google or has used Black Hat SEO techniques. Fail in providing such details can void our ranking and our financial guaranty. Aside from regular SEO submissions, we will work on fixing your website status in Google with no additional charge. Note that for blacklisted domains, it could take an?additional?1-3 months to rank in the top 10.

What kind of links do you use in your SEO services? Do you practice Black Hat SEO?techniques?

We have our own database of websites and services that Google likes and does not consider as link farms. In our backlinks?camping,?we use a diversity of social media,?articles, press releases, and directories. To make our?campaign?look natural, we also use some PR0 links as well as?no-follow links because Google will find out that you trying to trick the system by creating only High PR links. We?don’t?link to your site directly from public blog comments as they?usually?abused by other webmasters?(1000 links on one page),?also?we?don’t?spin articles as Google will?easily?detect such activity and might?penalize?your website. We use only White Hat SEO?Techniques with a?variety?of link quality Google Page Rank.

What’s your cancellation policy on SEO packages subscription? Do you have any?additional?fees?

You can cancel or pause your campaign easily at any time. There is no?cancellation?fee and all our links a permanent so you will not lose any ranking instantly. Although, over time your website ranking will?gradually?decrease?in search engine result pages as your?competitors?work on?their?own?campaigns?and gradually, they will outrank your site if you do not?continuously?optimize it.?We?do not have any additional setup/cancellation/modification/recovering fees. You can always change your website per our requirements by yourself as well (rewrite content, change title tag and etc.). If you are unable to, we can handle changes at an additional charge to assist.

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